What is this?

OpenBook is a database of Effective Altruism grants. Find out how much funding your favorite charities have received!

Where is the donation data from?

Most donation data comes from Vipul Naik’s Donation List Website. We've pulled additional donations from the websites of OpenPhil, EA Funds, and SFF.

The source code for OpenBook is available on Github.

Who built this?

Rachel Weinberg, with help from Austin Chen.

If you have questions or feedback (or if you're looking to hire a frontend dev!), reach out to

Disclosure in the spirit of this project: I've recieved funding from Open Phlanthropy and the Centre for Effective Altruism for my work organizing university EA groups, and recieved a grant from the Long-Term Future Fund for my time learning web development. I built this site while not on any grants.

Feedback Form

You can also leave feedback in the comments of the EA forum post announcing this site.